Statement by Vice President Vincenzo Iuzzolino

The Union Internationale des Chauffeurs Routiers announced the death of Ludwig Büchel on 4 July 2017 after a long illness. Büchel was one of the founders of this organization, which collects the associations of professional drivers from thirty-two countries in the world (Italy is represented by the Association of Truckers). Büchel has chaired the association for sixteen years, promoting its growth worldwide, and in 2015 he was appointed honorary president.
Ludwig Büchel was born Liechtenstein seventy years ago and began his commitment to the association of drivers in an organization of his country, and then chair a Swiss association. In 1999 he became president of the UICR, who led until 2015. Under his leadership, the Union Internationale des Chauffeurs Routiers reorganized and grew, becoming an important interlocutor in Europe with other class associations and institutions.
“We have lost its friendly way of behaving, its diplomacy and its extensive knowledge of the car,” said Robert Kastner, who succeeded him in the chair of the UICR. Vincenzo Iuzzolino, President of Us Truckers and Vice President of UICR, recalled that he had known Büchel in 2001: “From the beginning of our knowledge, Ludwig pushed us Truckers to enter the UICR and then, when we were associated, he pushed us To carry out several important initiatives, including the organization in Turin of the World Championships of Autistic. During his presidency he welcomed several countries around the world, bringing UICR to Uruguay and South Africa. Ludwig left a very strong impression on the association with him we have not only lost one president, but also a dear friend. “
The Association of Truckers and the Editorial Board of Europe join together to share their condolences to the family.

Vincenzo Iuzzolino

Vice President

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