The UICR organises every two years a world championship in safety driving for trucks and buses. In order to become a world champion various theoretical and practical tasks have to be solved with as few errors as possible.  The aim of the World Cup is the training of professional drivers in safety driving, economic driving and cargo securing. The UICR believes that trained drivers have better opportunities in professional life and improve the general road safety significantly. To participate at the UICR world championship drivers must regularly pass national championships.


Nations that have participate in the World Championship

Official ranking of the 2018 World Championship in Belgium

30th UICR World Championship in Finland

The 30th UICR world championship in terms of precision and driving safety took place on 25.8.2016 – 28.8.2016 in Jyväskylä, a beautiful and cultural city in Finland. The organization of the event and made by Finnish member Rahtarit. The event was a great success. Compliments

fil1Final results WM 2016