LATAM – Volvo has delivered its first electric trucks in Latin America

Volvo Trucks has delivered eight heavy electric trucks to customers in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. These orders represent Volvo’s first sales of zero-exhaust emission trucks to Latin America.

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EU FR – Renault Trucks unveils its DOLPHIN Research & Development project

Renault Trucks is continuing its investment in research in order to offer increasingly efficient, low-carbon vehicles that can adapt to changes in the transport industry. Through the collaborative DOLPHIN project, the manufacturer is set to develop an electric laboratory vehicle to pave the way for the future generation of electric long-haulage trucks. The aim is to assess the potential for technological innovation in terms of energy and environmental optimisation, safety, ergonomics and on-board comfort.

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EU – Euro 7, the EU Parliament and Council got a deal: stricter emissions thresholds for trucks and buses

The new regulation “sets more adequate rules for vehicle emissions and aims to further lower air pollutant emissions from road transport, and for the first time it covers cars, vans, and heavy-duty vehicles in one single legal act”. The new limits in details and the reaction of ACEA.

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CO2 targets unachievable without enabling conditions, warn European truck and bus manufacturers

Brussels, 24 October – The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) repeats its call for a fit-for-purpose CO2 regulation for trucks and buses. Despite an unwavering commitment to decarbonisation and record investment levels in zero-emission vehicles by manufacturers, the proposed targets remain overly ambitious without the backing of robust enabling conditions.

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EU launches third call for truck parking funding

The European Commission has launched a more flexible funding call for safe and secure parking across the European Union.
Similar, to the two previous calls for funding, the European Commission has made €250 million available for safe and secure mobility projects

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EU Charging

The EU Parliament sets new rules on charging and refueling stations in Europe

According to what MEPs decided, charging stations have to be provided every 120 km for trucks and buses by 2028. EU countries have to ensure that hydrogen refuelling stations along core TEN-T network will be deployed at least every 200 km by 2031.

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Autonomous trucks, the State of California will restrict tests on public roads: “It’s a matter of safety”

The Senate of California recently passed a bill requiring operators inside the vehicles, even when they’re driverless.

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First test for new solar-​powered hybrid Scania truck

A unique hybrid truck with a solar panel covered trailer is being tested on public roads, as a result of a two-year research collaboration involving Scania, Uppsala University, Eksjö Maskin & Truck, Midsummer, Ernsts Express, and Dalakraft. The solar energy decreases operational costs and local emissions significantly because of the truck’s self-produced energy.

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DAF New Generation truck family the new XB model (also electric) for city distribution

The new truck family is conceived for the 7.5 – 19 tonnes class, with ranges of up to 350 km, as well as PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 engines up to 310 hp, also ready for HVO as for thermal options. Alongside the XB series for on-road applications, DAF is also introducing the XBC series for construction.

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