The parliament allows passing on the right on Swiss freeways (7/18/2018)

BERN – The parliament wants to allow passing on the right lane(s) on freeways. A measure that shall effect the flow of traffic and more space on the road. Both chambers of the Swiss parliament have agreed on the proposal recently.


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Proposal of longer vehicles in Finland (7/18/2018)

The biggest vehicle combinations in normal road transport in Europe are in Finland. Now they are going to be even bigger.

In March the Ministry of Traffic and Communications (MINTC) in Finland published a proposal of new regulations of heavy vehicle measures. The maximum length of the vehicle combination will be increased from 25,25 meters to 34,50 meters, but the maximum weight will be 76 tonnes as it is today.

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World Championship Belgium 2018 (5/21/2018)

To all member nations.
We announce that the next UICR World Championship will take place in Gent in Belgium from 27 September to 1 October 2018. Belgium Truckers Club will organize this event.
As soon as possible we will send the Championship’s programm.
At the moment , save the date !
UICR Secretariat

Already for the 3rd time UICR presents the Inernational Professional Drivers Day. It will take place on May 11, 2018 and shall recognise efforts, that professional drivers do every day. As in the previous year, we ask everyone to tie a yellow ribbon to the left mirror of you vehicle, truck, bus or even the handlebar of your bike etc.. And most of all, communicate in all media possible the International Professional Driver’s Day. The more people know about it, the more drivers will get a smile and a thank you.

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