UICR – for a safe, professional and viable transport industry


The Union Internationale des Chauffeurs Routiers (UICR) and its member associations collectively represent +- 1,800,000 professional drivers in North America, South America, South Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe and together we are committed to safety, professionalism and a viability transport industry.


The UICR is the largest professional driver association for the transport industry. Through a federation of 28 affiliated national driver associations and industry-related conferences and councils, UICR is the voice of the professional drivers’ worldwide.

UICR has represented the interest of professional drivers worldwide for more than 60 years now. Several million professional drivers from all around the world benefit from the interest groups represented by the UICR.

UICR is regarded as the ambassador of the national associations at the international level. At the same time, it is the information hub for national associations and professional drivers.


UICR works towards

  • Uniform training of professional drivers
  • Improving the professional image of drivers
  • Help professional drivers in need
  • Safety on the road
  • Security at parking and rest areas
  • Medical care for long-distance drivers
  • Alternative work schedules


Pioneering efforts honoured

UICR awards the prestigious titles of “Transport company of the year” and “Driver of the year” and calls for the yearly International Day for Professional Driver’s. UICR organizes every two years the Professional Driver World Championship a three-day event of safe and skillfully driving of trucks, buses and vans.