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EU standards for safe and secure parking areas for trucks

Notice to Professional Drivers One initiative has been published or updated on the European Commission’s ‘Have your say’ portal:  Safe & Secure Truck Parking Areas   The EU Commission will be making changes to the regulation that covers drivers hours and rest periods, EU 561/2006. The regulation will include the provision of safe and secure parking areas for […]

Bus and coach drivers – EU rules on driving and rest times

Bus and coach drivers – EU rules on driving and rest times The EU rules on driving time, breaks and rest periods apply equally to lorry drivers and bus and coach drivers. However, these rules are not always suitable for passenger transport. This initiative aims to address the specific needs of bus and coach drivers […]

Volvo’s electric trucks tested in extreme winter weather

Many of us have experienced it – the battery in the phone loses power when the blistering cold sets in. To avoid the same fate, Volvo Trucks has tested its electric trucks in extremely cold weather close to the Arctic Circle. The result? A feature to maintain battery performance, even when the temperature is far […]


Volvo Trucks has received an order for 100 Volvo FM Electric from DFDS, Northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics company. As the Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer emphasizes, this is the largest commercial order for electric trucks for the company to date and one of the largest to date for heavy electric trucks worldwide. Range of […]