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NA – Unannounced brake inspection blitz sidelined over 1,200 trucks

Inspectors Remove More Than 1,200 Commercial Motor Vehicles With Critical Brake Violations From Roadways During CVSA’s Unannounced Brake Safety Day JULY 19, 2021 Commercial motor vehicle inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. conducted 10,091 inspections and placed 1,273 vehicles out of service for brake-related critical vehicle inspection items on May 26.

The Ice Road

> Forget what you know as a trucker and watch ‘The Ice Road’ just to be entertained > Let’s get this straight right from the jump, The Ice Road, this summer’s big action thriller streaming on Netflix, is not a feature-length version of the smash-hit reality TV show, Ice Road Truckers. Not even close, and […]


Ford and Hermes have started a pilot project for parcel delivery with self-driving vans in London. As the vehicle manufacturer reports, the two-week practical test is part of a new research program by Ford on autonomous vehicles and their potential in commercial use. Hermes is the first company to take part in this pilot test.

Busworld Europe October 2021 cancelled

With pain in their heart, Busworld decided to cancel Busworld Europe 2021. For the Busworld Team, the event is more than just business, it’s a passion. When the customers are happy, Busworld is happy. Literally, everything was done to avoid having to take this decision.