Directors of UICR from left to right :

Jussi Mikkola (FIN) Vice President

Vincenzo Iuzzolino (IT) Vice President 

Anna-Kaisa Lehtinen (FIN)  RIP

Robert Kastner (AT) President

Barbara Zimmer (PL) 

Sepp Bamert (CH) 

Walter Pisarnik (IRL) not in picture

Become a UICR Member

Joining the UICR means being connected to a globally respected organisation the leader for the Professional Driver in the Transport Industry.

The different business areas present in the Transport Industry are all together in the UICR, a global organization conformed by executives and managing professionals all over the world.

Through our leadership, professionalism and friendship, working together to achieve our Vision, maximise networking opportunities and support a responsible transport industry.


The UICR Team

President  Robert Kastner Austria
Vice President  Vincenzo Iuzzolino Italy
Executive Committee  Barbara Zimmer Poland
Executive Committee  Sepp Bamert Switzerland
Executive Committee  Jussi Mikkola Finnland
International UICR Council 
UICR General Secretariat

How to get in contact with us

The President’s Office:  Robert Kastner

Address: Liebhartsgasse 53 1160 Austria

Phone: +43 1 4805 747
Mobile: +43 664 2023 470


The Office for:

Admistration in Switzerland

The Professional Driver World Championship in Italy

The Drivers / Comapnys Award Office in Poland

The Union Internationale des Chauffeurs Routiers (UICR) - Partners and Sponsors