UICR Member Countries

Member Countries

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UICR Union Internationale des Chauffeurs Routiers
President Robert Kastner
Address Liebhartsgasse 53 1160 Wien Austria
Phone +43 1 4805747
M-Phone +43 6642023470
E-mail robert.kastner@uicr.org
www www.uicr.org
Facebook www.facebook.com/uicr.org

List of our Members: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaia, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Uruguay, Zimbabwe

Austria APDA – Austria Professional Drivers Association
President Robert Kasterner
Address Liebhartsgasse 53 1160 Wien
Phone +43 1 4805747
M-Phone +43 6642023470
E-Mail rk@apda.at
www www.apda.at
Facebook www.facebook.com/apda.at
Twitter www.twitter.com/robertkastner2
The Austrian Professional Drivers Association – APDA – represents the interests of professional drivers in Austria independently and non-political and is well connected with international organizations such as the UICR.

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