Dear colleagues,

the Register of Drivers Professionals is an initiative of the UICR, active for the past over 65 years. In a very difficult period for our economy and consequently for our profession, our association wanted to create with the ‘Register of Professional drivers a new tool to aid communication between supply and demand: a portal with a degree of specialization probably unique in Europe, in which both the transport specialists things that transport people can have the visibility that meritano. Drivers will be assisted in search of job opportunities, and we are counting on the fact that trucking companies can find here a safe address, where one can confidently to competent and qualified resources, each of which can be verified degree of experience, qualifications and skills obtained, availability and aspiration. Registration for drivers will always be free while for companies is expected, after a period of initial free running, a small fee to cover administrative costs, including in the form of subscription. In this first phase we first worry of creation the professionalism of the lists available and by the end of November, we will be able to offer auto-dial services to companies interested in finding candidates. The Register of Professional Drivers site also wants to present itself as a place where they can find answers to certain technical questions related to our profession. For this tax experts, business consultants and lawyers lend their advice to answer your questions on these pages and other affiliated professionals, increasingly present throughout the country, will be available for an initial free consultation in which to address your problems and possibly schedule a subsequent professional activity at a great discount rates.

I am sure that each of you will know the best use of this new tool .



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