The International Professional Driver Appreciation Week is coming up.


From 10th May to 14th May


Dear Professional Bus Drivers,


THANK YOU to the Professional Drivers across the globe. We know the struggles and hardships a life in the transport industry can bring, but each one of you is vital to our livelihoods and our economy.

Here’s why we are thanking the World’s Professional Drivers:


THANK YOU Professional Bus Driver


Every morning, the first people to arrive for work are our Professional Bus Driver.

Their day starts off warming – or cooling – their buses, and making sure it’s ready to transport their passengers. They go through their pre-trip inspection and report any issues they may find. Then the Professional Bus Drivers travel along their routes, picking up passengers, students, workers or holidaymakers and taking them to their destination.


Yet drivers aren’t just drivers. Their role on the bus and in their passengers’ lives is immense. They help students learn the importance of behaving well on a moving bus, of getting along with those around you, whether they’re your friend or in your grade, listening to adults and taking their direction seriously, of how to get on and off a bus safely. Most importantly, Professional Bus Drivers help passengers remain calm when anxiety levels may rise.


As far as the face of your area goes, drivers are sometimes the first smiles for the passengers, what they see each day and sometimes the last “Have a great day” as they get off the bus. They work each day as ambassadors for the country, school, company and making sure passengers get safely to the destination and back home again.

Professional Bus Drivers have one of the most important jobs done on any passengers day.

Professional Bus Drivers know all the driving laws. They understand how their buses should perform. They know how to keep passengers safe, and they know how to do their job.  These are things they’re required to know, but there are so many other things they enjoy knowing. Things like their passenger’s names, how to tell if a passenger is having a bad day, and when a passenger is having a special day.

Professional Bus Drivers’ most important part of being on their bus is knowing how to show passengers kindness and respect, and appreciate each other for who they are.

Professional Bus Drivers strive to ensure passengers know each of them is unique.

And passengers can tell their Professional Bus Driver’s caring is genuine. The students know their driver sincerely believes in and cares about them. You can see this every day as students high five or hug their drivers, whether they’re getting on the bus or off of it.

The Professional Bus Drivers take the time to build relationships with his passengers on their bus. Professional Bus Drivers are role models for their passengers.

A Professional Bus Drivers’ days don’t end after the last passengers have safely left the bus. Once the drivers return to the Bus Garage, they walk the aisle of their coaches, making sure no passengers have been left behind. They pick up any trash, wipe down seats and clean the floor. Then they make sure their bus is still in good condition during their post-trip inspection.

When all these things have been done, Professional Bus Drivers can put their day behind them.

It is my great pleasure to recognize all Professional Drivers during the International Professional Driver Appreciation Week. Professional Drivers are more than someone who sits behind the wheel of a big vehicle. They do what they do because they love their job, be sure to take a moment and thank your Professional Bus Driver.


A great big THANK YOU to all you Professional Bus Drivers for what you do and for the sacrifices you make.

THANK YOU for bringing all the passengers from point A to point B. Without you, we couldn’t live our lives the way we do today.

THANK YOU for following safety regulations. Without your careful training and respect for laws, we’d have more accidents on the highway.

THANK YOU for learning how to handle the various weather conditions you face while on the road. Without you moving passengers 365 days a year, our nations would be impacted severely.

THANK YOU for choosing to do what you do, for keeping all passengers safe, for the dedication you bring every day.

THANK YOU we can’t thank you enough for everything you do.

THANK YOU for taking up a difficult lifestyle to move the country forward. Without you doing your job, we couldn’t do ours – every industry, from manufacturing to retail, runs on the passengers you transport.

THANK YOU for being away from your friends and family for extended periods of time. Without your dedication to your work, our economy and lives would be seriously hindered.

THANK YOU for tackling one of our economy’s most challenging and essential jobs. Our world today couldn’t function without you!

We want to say an additional THANK YOU to the spouses, kids and friends that support our Professional Drivers. Without your encouragement and understanding, the Professional Drivers on the road wouldn’t be able to do their jobs.

So if you are a Professional Driver reading this, THANK YOU from myself and all of my family, friends and neighbours. If you are a dispatcher reading this, thank the Professional Driver you work with every day for their work. If you are a person impacted by any of the things listed above reading this, thank the Professional Drivers you see at the service station or truck stops, out to eat or while on the road.

Professional Driver be safe out there in all that you do. From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU for everything you do!


A special THANK YOU to all Professional Truck Drivers


Go to the Facebook page of the “Int. day of professional drivers” and see the “Thank You Driver” in multiple languages 


PDF file to download and say THANK YOU to all Professional Driver in your language; in Germanin Englishin Frenchin Portuguesein Japanesein Italianin Dutchin Spanishin Polish and in Finnish. 


Would you like to say THANK YOU PROFESSIONAL DRIVER in your language, send an email to the President of the UICR for your official copy of the letter with your company name, organisation. club and country.




Robert Kastner

President UICR