France has decided not to extend the temporary relaxation of driving and rest times

France has decided not to extend the temporary relaxation of driving and rest times

Next weekend, the usual truck ban will apply throughout France from Saturday 10 p.m. to Sunday at 10 p.m. According to the French association FNTR, the French Ministry of Transport has decided, no longer to extend the suspension of the weekend and holiday ban on trucks over 7.5 tons. The previous decree expired on April 20, 2020.

Furthermore, the lifting of driving and rest times, which provided for longer driving times and shorter breaks, also expired on April 20, 2020. From now on, the usual driving and resting times in France according to EU Regulation 561/2006 apply, according to the association.


(source: FNTR)

Truckers Life Foundation

Good morning drivers!


Today we have an important and good message for you. Next Monday 20.04 at the border crossing in Świecko, customs and employees of Truckers Life will distribute free aid packages prepared for you and for you.

What is an aid package? This is a set of basic articles that will increase your safety during the journey: reusable masks, przyłbice, disposable gloves and disinfectant fluids.


Monday 20.04, Świecko border crossing, START: g. 10:00

Monday 27.04, Zgorzelec, ul. Slavic 7, Fuel Discount Citronex, START g. 10:00,

This is also the best opportunity to thank the companies – our partners, who, in view of your safety and health, have joined this action. These are: Q-Service Truck | Ford Trucks PolskaEMCOR Opakowania, Mar-Pol, Crusar Logistyka +BISAFBISAFDKV Euro Service Polska. Dear friends, thank you very much! This action would not have been possible without your support!
A healthy driver is a safe driver.


UICR postpones the Professional Driver World Championship 2020 by 12 months




Priority is given to completing the members’ domestic competitions in an unprecedented solidarity move by the UICR Working group set up to examine possibilities for this year’s Professional Driver World Championship competitions.

UICR and Sindikat Hrvatskog Vozača today announced on April 7th the postponement of its flagship team competition, the Professional Driver World Championship, due to be held in August this year.

The health of all those involved in the competition is the priority, as well as to avoid placing any unnecessary pressure on national public services involved in staging the competition. The move will help all National Members competitions, currently on hold due to the COVID-19 emergency, to be completed.

Press release from the UICR Presiden Robert Kastner