Entries by Ralph Meyer

Safety measure for drivers

Safety in the drivers’ profession and safety on the road in general is one of the main topic that UICR is working on. Actions or innovations to prevent accidents or minimize consequences are always on our agenda. To improve drivers’ safety, UICR kindly asks every truck manufacturer to equip their vehicles in the production line […]

EU Parking conference

ESPORG (European Secure Parking Organization) and its project partners are preparing to conclude a one-year long study aimed at defining common standards for safe and secure truck parking areas, to step up the development of this infrastructure across the EU. 

Proposal of longer vehicles in Finland

The biggest vehicle combinations in normal road transport in Europe are in Finland. Now they are going to be even bigger. In March the Ministry of Traffic and Communications (MINTC) in Finland published a proposal of new regulations of heavy vehicle measures. The maximum length of the vehicle combination will be increased from 25,25 meters […]

e-CMR is on its way

The CMR is likely the last physical document in the transport industry. The digitalisation doesn’t stop here. The advantages of the e-CMR are evident for drivers, transport operators as well as authorities. We recomend all drivers and driver organization to be open to the idea of e-CMR. More details about the e-CMR can be found […]

Conference on Drivers of the future

on the right: Vincenzo Iuzzolino, Vice-President UICR; Maria Teresa Di Matteo, President of the Central Committee department – Ministry of Transport; Franco Fenoglio, President of Unrae Industrial Vehicle Section An important conference was held in Rome on the “Driving Profession: driving in the future”. The  project was promoted by Unrae and the Central Committee of […]

Pure water as a major inpact on your health

Pure drinking water is the most important thing for our body to regenerate. Contaminated water can only absorb few harmful substances. How should such water then purify your body? The TGW Premium Water Filters are the result of many years of research and are proudly carrying the Swiss Quality label. UICR members receive 10% discount […]

Workforce report 2017 from DEKRA

The qualification analysis based on more than 13900 job offers was presented by DEKRA on October 18, 2017 on a conference in Brussels. KEP (Courier, Express, Package)-drivers are the backbone of the last mile: Today click on „confirm“ and next day your delivery man will ring the doorbell. Last year approximately 2,3 billion packages went […]

Annual ESPORG conference

The European Secure Parking Organisation ESPORG hosted their annual conference on October 19, 2017 in Brussels. UICR’s president, Robert Kastner attended this conference as secure parking is a very important issue for our drivers. The participants welcomed the support from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council for parking operators to create safe […]