Safety measure for drivers

Safety in the drivers’ profession and safety on the road in general is one of the main topic that UICR is working on. Actions or innovations to prevent accidents or minimize consequences are always on our agenda.

To improve drivers’ safety, UICR kindly asks every truck manufacturer to equip their vehicles in the production line with a seat belt cutter and a hammer to break a window.

In accidents, heavy trucks quite often tip over. It happens even when the vehicle is not moving e.g. when tipping or using different kinds of cranes. Thanks to modern construction of cabins and seat belts, the driver has good chances to survive the incident without any severe injuries. But when a truck is on its side, two problems occur: How to release a seatbelt and how to get out of the cabin.

When a seatbelt is under tension, it is hard or even impossible to release it. Then a seatbelt cutter in reach gives the necessary assistance.

When a driver has released the seatbelt, the problem is to find a way out of the cabin. A door facing upwards is too heavy to open. The only way out can be breaking the windshield or any other window. In case of fire, there is no time to waste. A decent window hammer is worth gold in such moments.

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