Volvo FM Electric DFDS


Volvo Trucks has received an order for 100 Volvo FM Electric from DFDS, Northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics company. As the Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer emphasizes, this is the largest commercial order for electric trucks for the company to date and one of the largest to date for heavy electric trucks worldwide.

Range of up to 300 kilometres

The Volvo FM Electric can weigh up to 44 tons (total weight) and, according to the manufacturer, has a range of up to 300 kilometres. The vehicles can be charged both at night in the depot and via high power charging during use. The e-trucks could be used for both short and long transports in the DFDS logistics system in Europe.

“At DFDS we are determined to do our part to reduce carbon emissions and create a sustainable supply chain. We understand the importance of electrification in achieving our carbon goals and I hope we can inspire others if we drive this important transition forward, “said Niklas Andersson, Executive Vice President and Head of Logistics Division at DFDS.

“Our goal for 2030 is that half of our trucks delivered worldwide will be electric vehicles. We are pleased that the growing interest of our customers is now being reflected in actual orders, not least with this impressive order from DFDS, “says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.