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How Electric Vehicles Are Changing Our Transport Models

The internal combustion engine has its origins in a burst of invention and innovation that began more than two centuries ago, and it still drives much of our transport. But this energy system – in cars, trucks, ships and aeroplanes – is now facing a serious rival in electric motors. And as electric vehicles become more and more widely used, they are changing the very nature of our transport models. Read more


How Electric Scooters are changing the Traffic Rules

From an environmental point of view, electric scooters have much to recommend them: when people use them, it often means they are not driving cars. That means less pollution and less traffic on the roads. But the spread of app-rented e-scooters, zipping effortlessly through congested streets, has created a whole new set of issues for authorities. As scooter-related accidents surge, and as abandoned scooters scatter the pavements, how do you regulate these newcomers to the transport sector?

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