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Hero Trucker 2020

UICR’s Partner – the Truckers Life Foundation from Poland, has launched the Hero Trucker 2020 project. It is a series of free training in the first aid in road traffic accidents for professional drivers. The Truckers Life Foundation is a Polish local self-government organization that has been developing projects aimed at professional drivers since 2013. […]

EU Parliament adopts major reform of road transport sector

Parliament backs revised rules to improve drivers’ working conditions and stop distortion of competition in road transport. MEPs endorsed all three legal acts without any amendments, as adopted by EU ministers in April 2020. The political agreement with the Council was reached in December 2019. The revised rules for posting of drivers, drivers’ driving times […]

Truckers Life Foundation

Good morning drivers!   Today we have an important and good message for you. Next Monday 20.04 at the border crossing in Świecko, customs and employees of Truckers Life will distribute free aid packages prepared for you and for you. What is an aid package? This is a set of basic articles that will increase your safety […]

UICR postpones the Professional Driver World Championship 2020 by 12 months

    . Priority is given to completing the members’ domestic competitions in an unprecedented solidarity move by the UICR Working group set up to examine possibilities for this year’s Professional Driver World Championship competitions. UICR and Sindikat Hrvatskog Vozača today announced on April 7th the postponement of its flagship team competition, the Professional Driver […]

Temporary exemptions to Regulation (EU) No 561/2006 due to the effects of the corona virus: EU Member States

The IRU and ATA are closely monitoring the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. This includes national and international updates on the transport of passengers and goods in affected regions of the world.  The latest transport news, guidance and FAQs on the coronavirus pandemic.   Please find in the document attached the updated situation on national/international transport […]

Trixi-Spiegel: Simple idea that saves lives

Inventor of the Trixi mirror: simple idea that saves lives In Munich, 6,000 Trixi mirrors could soon be installed at over 1,100 intersections. Truck accidents at the intersections are said to be reduced. Spiegel invented Ulrich Willburger. His daughter was the victim of a turning accident. It’s been 25 years since Ulrich Willburger from Seehausen […]

VOLVO -Tower

Oh, those crazy men and women in Gothenburg, Sweden is at it again. The folks at Volvo Trucks have a new promotional video to rival the ones they have made in the past … and that takes some doing. Keep in mind, this is the same company that gave the world action star Jean-Claude Van […]