Online Check if an HGV is Ready to Cross the UK Border, service is available now.

Professional Drivers are now able to log on to the Check an HGV is Ready to Cross the Border service to register your details and prepare for any upcoming journeys you have in the New Year.

The new service is designed to make it quick and easy for you to check that you have the right customs documentation for the goods you’re carrying before setting off – preventing any unnecessary journeys and reducing disruption at the border.

It is the responsibility of the professional driver to do the check, but this can be done on their behalf by their manager.

From 1 January 2021, drivers travelling to the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel will be required to use the Check an HGV is Ready to Cross the Border service and get a Kent Access Permit (KAP).

A KAP will be required regardless of agreement of the outcome of the negotiations.

You can be fined £300 if you do not use the service when travelling through Kent or if you provide a fraudulent declaration.

Sign up to the service today.

The Haulier Handbook

A more comprehensive version has been published.

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